“Showgirls of Pakistan” (feature documentary),” (2016) in pre-production

“Block Seven” (feature documentary),” (2016) in development

“Animal Sanctuary” (factual series),” (2016) in development

“Empire of the Mind” (documentary series),” (2016) in development

“Safari” (factual series),” (2016) in development

“Derby Kings” (factual series),” (2016) in development

“Tailgate Wars” (food reality series),” (2016) in development

“I Married My Family’s Killer” (Documentary for documentary channel Canada),” (2015)

“Giraffes: The Forgotten Giants” (Documentary for CBC’s Nature of Things and PBS International),” (2015)

“The Miracle of KA114” (Documentary),” (2014)

“Fight Xchange” (Docu-Reality series for Superchannel and Globo Brazil) (2013)

“The Jungle Prescription,” (Documentary for CBC’s Nature of Things)” (2011)

“Disfarmer (Documentary for TVO, AVRO, SBS, SVT),” (2010)

“To Bee or Not to Bee (Feature and One Hour Documentary for CBC’s Nature of Things, ARTE France),” (2009)

“Empire of the Word (Documentary Series, Four Episodes for TVO, TG4, SBS, SVT, NHK, TFO)” (2009) NOMINATED FOR A 2010 BANFF ROCKIE AWARD

“Act of Dishonour (Theatrical Drama – Entertainment One),” (2009)

“When We Were Boys (Theatrical Feature Documentary – documentary channel Canada and KinoSmith)” (2009)

“The Al Qaeda Code (Documentary – CBC, SRC, WDR/ARTE, TSR, SBS)” (2008) NOMINATED FOR A 2010 BANFF ROCKIE AWARD

“The Man Who Became King (Documentary – CBC, National Geographic International, Sundance Channel)” (2007)

“The Climb (Documentary – CBC, National Geographic Canada, Discovery HD Theater)” (2006)

“Beetalker (Documentary – CBC’s Nature of Things, ARTE France)” (2006)

”Riddle of the Polar Sky (Documentary – National Geographic Canada, Discovery, ARTE France)” (2005)

“The Man Who Could Be King (Documentary - CBC)” (2004)

“The Life and Times of Sarah McLachlan (Documentary - CBC)” (2003)

“Jean’s Marines (Documentary – W Network)” (2002)

“Innovating Tomorrow (Documentary series, Three Episodes – CTV, Discovery)” (2002)

“Blood, Smoke and Tears (Documentary – CBC, SRC, TFO, Al Jazeera)” (2001)

“Hearts and Minds: The Heart and Stroke Health Show (Docu-Reality Series, Thirteen Episodes- Global)”(2000)

"In the Shadow of a Saint (Documentary - BBC, CBC, SBS, Oxygen, IKon)" (2000)